Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fremont Park this Summer

On Friday, August 20th Fremont Park was filled balloons and families as they gathered for the 3rd annual Movie in Fremont Park. This year the event featured the Disney/Pixar movie “UP” on the giant inflatable movie screen. Attendees came out early to enjoy pre-movie activities and entertainment such as face-painting, temporary hair-coloring, red-carpet walk, and live music.

Community members also received the opportunity to preview this Labor Days Weekend event in Fremont Park, Chalk It Up! as Leta Wrightsman, former president of Chalk-it-Up, canvassed the park with her chalk masterpieces of the movies main characters. Both young and old admired her talent and passion as she whipped out these dazzling sidewalk drawings. 2010 marks the 20th Anniversary of the annual Chalk It Up! festival.

The chalk art festival will be held daily from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Friday, September 4th to Sunday, September 6th in Fremont Park. This three-day celebration brings together hundreds of sidewalk chalk artists and dozens of live music acts for a fun-filled, family-friendly weekend! Over 200 squares will feature sidewalk paintings showcasing local artist’s creativity as well as masterpieces created by children of all ages. It’s a chance for Sacramentan’s to feel young at heart and create something together. The event benefits Chalk It Up! to Sacramento a nonprofit organization created to benefit children’s arts education and art activities. The soft chalk pastel mixed with water creations are left on the cement throughout the month of September. So roll up your sleeves or sit back and relax as chalk masterpieces transform Fremont Park into a colorful work of art.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Need to Beat the Heat?

If summer time demands anything, it’s access to a swimming pool. Luckily, Sacramento has plenty of local public pools to help you stay cool for next to nothing.

Daily Rates

$2 Adults 18+
$1 Children/Teens (ages 17 & under)

Frequent Swimmer Cards
For those who swim almost every day or for those who like the convenience, save money by purchasing a punch card at your neighborhood pool. The cost for an adult daily passes is $18 for 10 (swims), $32 for 20, and $42 for 30. Children/teen (ages 17 & under) daily passes are $9 for 10 (swims), $16 for 20, and $21 for 30.

Play Pools
Free admission to the following play pools: Colonial Park, Land Park, Roberston Park, Mama Marks Park & Bertha Henschel Park

More Information (Including Swimming Lessons)

Pool Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Public Swim Location & Hours

Pool phone numbers are valid only during the summer swim season unless otherwise noted. The area code for all phone numbers is 916.

Cabrillo Pool & Wading Pool, 1648 65th Ave., 433-6271.
Closed for recreational swim. Swim Lessons are offered as scheduled.
Mapquest Map to Cabrillo Pool

Clunie Pool & Wading Pool, 601 Alhambra Blvd. in McKinley Park, Phone: 808-5301; Opens May 29/closes Aug. 22.

  • Open 1-5pm Sat/Sun 5/29,30; 6/19,20. Closed for staff training 6/5,6,10,11.
  • Beginning 6/21, POOL IS OPEN FOR RECREATIONAL SWIMMING, 2-4pm Tuesday through Friday, and 1-5pm Saturday/Sunday.
  • Lap Swim and Water Aerobics will continue as scheduled.
    Mapquest Map to Clunie Pool

Doyle Pool & Wading Pool in Northgate Park, Brewerton Dr. and Mendel Way, 566-6420; opens June 21/closes August 22.

  • Open 2-4pm for recreational swim Monday-Thursday, Saturday/Sunday.
  • Recreational swimming closed Fridays
    Mapquest Map to Doyle Pool

Glenn Hall Pool, 5415 Sandburg Dr, where Carslon ends, 277-6071.

  • Opens June 21/closes Sept 6. Swim lessons, swim team and Jr Lifeguard Academy are offered as scheduled.
  • Open 3-5pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday and 1-5pm Sundays
  • Recreational Swimming closed Tues/Thurs/Sat
  • Open Labor Day 1-5pm
  • Many thanks to RPNA and River Park residents who fundraised to make this happen!
    Mapquest Map to Glenn Hall Pool

Johnston Pool & Wading Pool, 231 Eleanor Ave., 566-6421. Opens June 21/closes August 22.

Mangan Pool, 2230 34th Ave., 433-6272

McClatchy Park Pool & Wading Pool, 35th St. and 5th Ave., 277-6041.Opens June 21/closes August 22.

Natomas High School Pool, 3301 Fong Ranch Road near Truxel Road & San Juan Avenue; (on the high school campus. Enter on Fong Ranch Road), 566-3644.

Oki Pool & Wading Pool, Wisseman Dr. and Cliffwood Wy., 277-6160. Opens June 21/closes August 21.

Pannell Meadowview Recreational Pool & Wading Pool
Located next door to Samuel C. Pannell Meadowview Community Center at 2450 Meadowview Rd., 808-6622.Opens May 29/Closes Aug 22.

  • Beginning 6/21, POOL IS OPEN FOR RECREATIONAL SWIMMING, 2-4pm Monday through Friday, and 1-5pm Saturday/Sunday.
  • Lap Swim and Water Aerobics are offered as scheduled.
    Mapquest Map to Pannell Meadowview Pool

Sim Pool & Wading Pool , 6207 Logan St., 382-3768. Pool is closed. Mapquest Map to Sim Pool

Southside Pool & Wading Pool, 6th and U Sts., 808-5331. Opens June 21/closes August 22.

  • Open 2-4pm for recreational swim Monday-Wednesday, Friday/Saturday/Sunday.
  • Recreational swimming closed Thursdays
  • Lap swim will be available 6/1 through 9/10, Mon-Fri from 11am-1pm.
    Yahoo Map to Southside Pool

Tahoe Pool & Training Pool, 3535 59th St., 277-6072. Opens June 21/closes August 22.

Play Pools (free admission)
All dates and times are subject to change!

Bertha Henschel Play Pool, A St. & 45th St., 277-6071. Open June 21/closes August 22.

  • Open 12-4pm for recreational swim Monday-Friday.
  • Open 1-5pm for recreational swim Saturday/Sunday
  • Many thanks to the neighborhood for making this happen!
    Mapquest Map to Henschel Pool

Colonial Play Pool, 18th Ave. & 53rd St,. 277-6072. Open June 21/closes August 20.

Mama Marks Play Pool, 1140 Roanoke Ave., 808-6421. Open June 22/closes August 13.

Robertson Play Pool, 3525 Norwood Ave., 808-6421. Open June 22/closes August 13.

William Land Play Pool, Riverside Blvd. & 13th Ave., 808-5331. Open June 21/closes August 22.

  • Open 11am-1pm for recreational swim Monday-Wednesday & Friday.
  • Open 1-3pm Saturday & Sunday.
  • Closed Thursdays.
    Yahoo Map to Wm Land Pool

Friday, July 16, 2010

Your Passport to Adventure

Looking to get the kids out of the house to enjoy some fun in the sun for the whole family? "Your Passport to Adventure" is more affordable and uniquely exciting this year at the California State Fair. Wednesday, July 14th marked the opening of the 2010 State Fair which runs through Wednesday, August 1st.

The new schedule, which is a full month earlier than usual, along with discount tickets and lower food prices are expected to generate more fair goers than in the past years. The California State Fair does not want anyone to miss out on the adventure. The fair also announced a 25% slash in food prices as well as the extension of the "Poppy Pack" - four admissions, four rides and a parking pass.

This year's adventure theme has motivated food vendors to bring out the weird and usual delicatessens including chocolate-covered scorpions, grilled frog kabobs, and deep-fried alligator. But don’t worry, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite fair foods. This year the State Fair will feature all the traditional exhibits and attractions that fair-goers love as well as new attractions designed around this year’s theme. A "Jungle and Reptile" exhibit, the-world-renowned "Days of the Dinosaur" exhibit, and the New "Get Animated" pop culture exhibit are just a few of the new attractions designed to create a new generation of fair fans.

Whether you’re after the thrill of the midway or on a quest to sample unique eats, Big Fun and adventure is sure to be discovered this year at the California State Fair.

For more information visit: